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Proposed budget must be prepared as per guide/rules of NPST 

  • The proposed budget (total) should not exceed with 2,000,000/ -Riyals in which 7% of administrative cost is included  

    Budget for at least one graduate student must be included.

  • There are some limited members of participants (Researchers)/manpower/personnel for a project. 
  • The compensation for including summer compensation should not increase more the 40% of the proposed budget.
  • The number of full-time Research Assistant, Technician, and Graduate student in a project should be in limited number. 
  • The budget for conference is 60,000/- Riyals for a year, including the tickets. An approval for such conference should be taken one month prior to the date of the conference.
  • The budget for training program is 70,000/- Saudi Riyal, whether it is inside or outside the Kingdom including the tickets. A detailed program for these training courses is required at the submission of the proposal. Approval of the program should be taken before one month from the date to attend such training.
  • Field trips will be Internal / within Saudi Arabia and the proposed budget should not exceed the limit of 100,000/- Saudi Riyal for the duration of the project A detail program for the field trips and cost of travel (flight destination - the number of participants - the number of days - costs) should be submitted before starting of the project.
  • Ticket the flight ticket should be proposed for the consultant only. 
  • The proposed budget for the patent should not exceed the limit of 30,000/- Riyals and can be proposed for the second year of the project only.
  • The proposed budget for the publication should not exceed the limit of 30,000/- Riyals for the duration of the project. The publication should be in impact journal and it must be acknowledge to NPST and the project code for which the research has been done.
  • The limit of the proposed budget for the workshop is 50,000/- Riyals for the duration of the project.
  • The limit of other expenses 10,000/- Riyal. It needs to define the purpose for which it has been proposed in the budget. 
  • Note: The travels and other together will be max. 10% of the proposed budget

    The detailed of every item and its approval for purchasing/spending by the NPST is required. A report of spending for such budget will be also needed after completion of the technical report.

  • Any request will be declined if any increased in the budget has been made after signing the contract.