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The program adopted the electronic   (Turnit In) system to be sure the authenticity of the research and reports.

The goal of this system is to provide:

  1. Helping the funders to discover the similarities between the research proposals by their contents and not by their titles. So that the system can detect the paragraphs quoted from other proposals and highlighted and provide a detailed report on it.
  2. Helping funders of research to make good use of funding sources , and to ensure coverage for the largest number of projects and by avoiding finance the same project more than once, and more than one direction   
  3. To assist  graduate programs and the supervisors on graduating  projects to ensure that personal produce for  students  has no  quotation process of  external paragraphs , and included it in  their reports through the process of copy / paste , ensuring that the intellectual property right of the output of research activity and push it  towards innovation and production .

The way to raise research proposal on the system to ensure the authenticity of the research and reports (Showing the way)

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