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The head researcher may request to delay the start date of the project implementation, or temporary suspension, before work is started and after the contract is signed once only and with the consent of the research team, in which case the unit’s authorization must be obtained, taking the following into consideration:

  • The request to delay or suspend project kick-off must be submitted by the head researcher using the appropriate forms to the unit, stating the delay/suspension period provided it does not exceed 6 months, explaining the grounds for the request.
  • The unit reviews the request and formally responds to it, informing the general secretariat of its decision.
  • The unit takes into consideration the delay/suspension period when setting the deadlines for the project’s technical and financial reports.
  • Project spending is suspended during the delay/suspension period.
  • The head researcher notifies the unit in writing of the resumption of the project once the delay/suspension period is finished.
  • If the project does not start after six months, the grant is cancelled and the general secretariat is notified.