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  • Annual report besides the final technical and financial report is required for rewarding the research team, consultant, project managers and other participant members.
  • No bonus will be provided to the research team for extend periods of the project.
  • Is not combineMkavotin in a single project for any of the participants in the research team.
  • Must not exceed the total received by any member of the research team (principal investigator, co-researcher and project manager) of bonuses allocated for research projects co-reward three projects per month.
  • Exchange reward is certified counselor after the submission of a comprehensive report of the Principal Investigator of the unit to what has been accomplished during this consultation, and accepted by the unit.
  • Must not exceed the number of employees to the project Kmtafrgan whether (research assistant or graduate students or technicians) for only one
  • Must attach a copy of the academic qualification for the research assistant at the exchange dues to clarify why he holds a Ph.D. or Master or Bachelor
  • Researcher can not change any president Researcher, except after obtaining the consent in writing and raising letter in this regard to the Supervisory Committee of unity which holds examine this request and approve what you feel appropriate for the proper functioning of the research project.

Procedures for hiring manpower to work on the project:

  • Employment applications are served on the project by the researcher president.
  • Attach a CV and qualifications and a copy of the passport and the service contract model.
  • Employment must be compatible with what came to the budget of the project and that does not exceed the duration of the contract period of the project specified.
  • Must obtain the consent of the authority on employment department.
  • Contract is signed between the head of the unit and the contractor to determine the date of the direct and provide the unit of the decade.

Procedures for issuance of visit visa to work in the project:

  • Visit is to fill out a form in Arabic except for the name in English as in the passport and signed by the Principal Investigator.
  • Attach a CV and a copy of the passport
  • Send the form and attachments to the unit to the review and make sure that the project regularly in providing financial and technical reports and available at the cost of the project budget