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Financial regulation will be followed as per rules of NPST 

  • The P.I. is requested to fill up the form correctly as per payment made by the budget and before sending a financial report. The receipt voucher/ bills must be attached as it is paid from the project budget as for settlement purposes. The original receipt voucher should submitted stating the name of the P.I., project code including the name of the university in every invoice.  
  • All these vouchers are necessary documents to verify the expenses and must be submit in each periodic financial report.
  • The bills must be arranged according to its serial numbers. These bills must be punched and properly filed before it is sent to the NPST to avoid any loss. Every receipt must be signed by the principal investigator or project manager.
  • The NPST does not support or allow any insurance system for hospitality supplies, or any trip, etc. 
  • The vouchers should be attached for manpower compensation and other required materials/equipment after completion the signing contact which must be include with document revealing the performance and task for every personnel. A report on attending the scientific conferences must be included with the financial report.
  • Identity card issued by the university or a proof for working in the university is required when there is a request for any changes of the manpower in the project from the university staff.  A proof/ identity is required needed for every manpower participating in the project whether they are from the university or from outside of the university before signing the contract.
  • Preparation and inventory of the invoices is required for each item defined in the budget which includes manpower, hardware, materials, conferences, training, trips, publishing, wages, etc.
  • Students need to fill up a form (Graduate-BA) on-site approved by the Principal Investigator.
  • For approval of any scientific trips/ field trips it needs to be filled it up in the form and the form can be downloaded from the NPST website.
  • A report for such trips is also needed by the principal investigator after completion of the task.
  • The P.I. is requested to provide the supporting documents for the scientific trips for which he had paid towards his/her expenses during the trip (bill approved by the office of travel and tourism for tickets or ticket stub - attach copy of visa or visa and medical insurance, if any - conference or training fees) 
  • Prepare the periodic financial report as well as the annual financial report according to the instructions of NPST for each fiscal year.