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Providing and follow-up research projects

provided and follow-up proposals and research projects System is designed mainly to create communicate environment that always   have continued flexibility and ease of transmission of information and data between all parties to contribute to the achievement) researchers (or, in the decision-making), the arbitrators and the Scientific Committee, ( in all aspects of research projects submitted to the program of the National for Science technology and innovation Plan .
The aim of this electronic system that works on the Internet is to enable:

  1. The Researchers to submit their proposals electronically and follow-up it across the Web,they can also submit their financial and scientific periodic   reports, about their approved  projects  
  2. The Scientific Committee of the verification of the quality of research proposals submitted , and the quality of the implementation of the approved projects , and their conformity with the time  planed  , through the selection of specialists  arbitrators , sending  them research proposals and periodic reports for projects to evaluate it , and then notice  their observations and opinions
  3. The arbitrators to   receipt research proposals and periodic reports of approved  projects, evaluate and give their comments and views around  it  remotely .
  4. The finance committee of the follow-up audit in bills of exchange and bonuses and be  sure of the commitment of the researcher to the approved budget . Addition to the preparation of various reports and related services.
  5. The sub-committees of the program to follow the progress of the implementation of the approved research projects.
  6. The supervisory Committee to obtain reports on the program's achievements.

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Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:28am