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Graduate students grant

Graduate students Grant Program in the field of advanced technology in the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan at Saudi Arabia Universities.

The definition of the program: 
This program comes in implementation of the tasks of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology rules that issued by Royal Decree No. M / 8 Date: 19/04/1406 AH, particular paragraph -5 - Article 3, which states: " providing scholarships for studying  and training  to  develop the necessary skills to prepare and implement Scientific research programs, and providing  grants to individuals and scientific institutions, to carry out applied scientific research. 
This program is part of the embodiment of this mission undertaken by the city. Its  idea is that  the city gives  a number of scholarships each year for citizens who get PhDs in Universities and Research centers in   Saudi Arabia , researcher spend  it  in advanced scientific research laboratories which  declared annually in the field of Research . Under this grant the city offers  the candidate Pick Up ticket and allocations grant for training employee during the period of research ranging from 8-12 weeks, and the city is taken the expenses incurred by candidate to attend research grant. 


  1. Build up the trends of science and technology plan strategy. 
  2. Give an opportunity for graduate students in Saudi universities to inform about the research and scientific activities at whole world. 
  3. Contribute to  the development of research capacity and to achieve the  best quality level for  postgraduate research programs of higher education in Saudi universities. 
  4. Discovering of distinct capabilities in early stages. 
  5. Building relationship with initial scientists and researchers.

General controls:

  1. The subject of a master's or doctorate should be in the fields of advanced technology within the National Science, of Technology and Innovation Plan. 
  2. A student must have completed studying  courses and present the research plan. 
  3. The thesis and the Results dissemination of scientific publishing must include clear thanks to the city. 
  4. Research or training program should be related to the student thesis subject 
  5. Implementation or training should be at advanced scientific institutions and centers
  6. Proficiency in English language. 
  7. Period between 8-12 weeks. 
  8. The number of grants available annually is fifty.

Procedures to submit to the program: 

  1. Preparing research proposal, accordance with the approved forms, containing the following elements: 
    • Brief idea about  prepared  program.
    • Time Schedule for doing the training program.
  2. Obtain acceptance of advanced global scientific entity for doing  research or training mentioning  fees (if any). 
  3. Attach a letter from the supervisor of the thesis explains and supports the importance for joining the program. 
  4. Submitted proposal to science and technology unit at the University which will consider the applications and make sure that they meet the requirements and suitable for the program and then submit it to the city, including its recommendations. 


The beneficiary is committed to provide   a scientific report for the research period during the two months of  finishing the research includes the following elements: 

  1. Introduction to research 
  2. The means and methods used
  3. Results 
  4. Discussion 
  5. Conclusion 
  6. Providing briefing form by abeneficiary entity    about   period accomplished during the grant period . 
  7. In the case of failure to submit the report within the prescribed period the rest of the financial receivables is stopped

Financial controls: 

  1. The candidate is treated as the training grant  employees  outside  the contrary included the following:
  2. The city is assuming the host fees (if any ) that does not exceed ( 3,000 ) three thousand dollars .
  3. The candidate’s is given advance batch   , not exceed (50%) of the amount of the Mandate and the rest of the dues will be disbursed after the adoption of the city Scientific Council for the final report.
  4. The student is given around-trip ticket on economy class.

The rest of financial dues will be disbursed after the adoption of the Scientific Council of the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology for the final report on the research grant.
 The form sent by  e-mail to :



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