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Researchers grants for University professors and research centers

Rules of researchers program grant in the field of advanced technology 
Within the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan   of University professors and Saudi Arabia research centers. 

The program definition:

This program is implements of the King Abdulaziz City functions for Science and Technology, according to its own rules issued by Royal Decree No. M / 8 and the date / 04/1406 particular paragraph - 5 – of  Article 3 , which states : "  providing   scholarships and training grant to develop necessary skills to do the preparation and implementation of scientific  research programs, and provide grants to individuals and scientific institutions, to carry out applied scientific research " .
This program is part of the embodiment of this mission undertaken by the city, its idea based on providing  a number of annual grants by the city for   Saudis  who got  PhDs  at Universities and Saudi research centers. 
The researcher should spend  this grant  at one of  advanced scientific techniques laboratory. Under this grant the city offers to the candidate Pick Up and allocations as for the employee during the research training period which ranging from 8-12 week.


  1. Provide an opportunity for professors at Universities and Saudi research centers  to identify scientific  trends at  research laboratories in the world in the fields   of advanced technologies and practice  collective  research with the Global researchers .
  2. Building  strong relationship s between the city and professors at Universities and Saudi  research centers.
  3. Defined   King Abdulaziz City of  Science and Technology on the research capabilities  of  researchers at Universities and research centers in Saudi Arabia With the aim of Configuration research teams in the areas of advanced technologies .
  4. Pushing  scientific research movements in the Kingdom, which would contribute to the achievement of the aspirations of the National Science, Technology and Innovation plan  .
  5. Encourage researchers to engage in the field of advanced technology  and in the developmental aspect of scientific research.

General controls:

  1. The research should be in advanced technology within the National Science, Technology and Innovation plan. 
  2. The implementation of research should be at global institutions and centers of notable scientific positions 
  3. The Period should be between 8-12 weeks. 
  4. Priority will be given to those who have not enrolled in the program in the previous years. 
  5. Any Scientific Publications through the grant should include clear thank to the city. 
  6. In the case of new applications for those who joined the program in previous years to make what is clear of publishing the results of research or preparing the paper for publication. 
  7. The number of grants available annually is  fifty grants.

Grant applying Procedure:

  1. Preparing Research proposal according the approved forms, containing the following elements: (download the application form) 
    • Scientific research survey on the subject with the   final   update   about the  subject. 
    • The goal for  research and the main expected outputs. 
    • The importance of research for the kingdom. 
    • The   schedule for the implementation of the research and the expected results and the scientific field which search programs fall within the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan. 
  2. Getting acceptance of advanced Scientific Research mentioning the registration fee, if any. 
  3. Approval from Workplace side.


 The beneficiary is committed to providing a Scientific report for Research period within two months after  finishing  the search according to the guide  (Preparation Guidelines For Summer Research Grants Reports) which is  available on the city page) the Scientific Council forms  including  the following: 

  1. Suggestion concerning the possible uses  for the  Results in the Kingdom, for  both scientific and economic  point of view. 
  2. A copy of the scientific papers and patents resulting from the grant, if any, (or papers prepared for publication.

Financial controls:

The Candidate is treated as scholarship employee for overseas training included the following: 

  1. The city responsible for the host fees (if any) but not to exceed 3,000 dollars. 
  2. The candidate is given Pick Up ticket for round trip  according to his rank. 
  3. Advance paid is given to Candidate’s, not exceed (50%) of the amount of the Mandate and the rest of the dues will be disbursed after the adoption of the report by the Scientific Council of the city. 

Also the rest of the dues are paid after the report adoption by the Scientific Council for the research grant.

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