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The comprehensive research projects website

In the framework of initiatives offered by the national science, technology and Innovation plan a program  of  servicing  researchers involved in the National Plan , it has been the establishment of an electronic portal enables researchers to create Web sites for their projects from which to raise all aspects of the project such as:

  1. Summary about the project and its objectives .
  2. Information about the work team and the means to communicate with them .
  3. Summaries and links to the published scientific papers.
  4. Definition of registered patents or below the registration if any.
  5. Scientific awards obtained by the project, local and global, if any.
  6. Masters and PhD student's thesis involved in the project .
  7. The Periodic technical reports while ensuring confidentiality and inventory only be used by the project team and the institution of international arbitration AAAS or secretary of the Supervisory Committee.

This service aims to enable researchers at  the university   to raise the output of the projects, which will be used by international arbitration at the American  institute of scientific progress to arbitrate the  project, as well as highlighting on  the achievements and provide information on the site for members and other relevant parties (such as the university, the Secretariat of the national plan, researchers and program of the national Plan ), while enabling the researcher to put a password to these files.

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Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:28am