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Scientific production warehouse of King Saud University

Universities in the world are moving closer to documents  its  scientific research represented in the  output of published scientific papers, books ,thesis  in order to enable them to follow-up and evaluation of performance and linking it to the university strategic plans .The project is relates to the   framework of scientific research, which is the second pillar of the University after teaching, because it’s the  publishing tool of scientific knowledge and regeneration and development in various fields of science , engineering , applied health and humanity, and  this project serving  more than one  goal of university  scientific research  such as excellence research in order to achieve global leadership, and to prepare plans research with  the priorities of scientific research long-and short-term and coordinate applied it  between the University units , according to the fields of research, and improve the outputs of scientific research on the production of knowledge and invention,  and the application of the results of research and development, and provide marked scientific  environment  helping to achieve an advanced global rating  to the university and international recognition in the performance of the research, and to contribute to the establishment of a knowledge society, which is reflected on the intellectual development and the welfare of the community.

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Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:28am