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The program's achievements

The program's achievements:

  1. Projects supported by the National Plan (2008-2012): represents what has been supported by  King Saud University, 45% of the total support of all the parties participating in the kingdom , and got the same percentage, 45% of the financial allocations allocated to it, the number of projects supported by the National Plan for Science technology and innovation for the University of 475 projects with a budget of 816 million riyals (in addition to the two projects within health programs) with a budget of 50 million riyals, participates in it 1589 researchers of Head researcher ,Research associate  , and 539 Research Assistant, and 324 consultant whom 345 external consultant and 78 internal  consultant  , and 794 graduate student (including 531 Master students and 263 PhD student), and 301 BA student, and 53 project manager, and 315Administrative, and 568 technical. The ratio of research accepted for King Saud University in the last installment (March 2012) 57% of the total research supported by all parties in this installment.
  2. Build up the infrastructure for scientific research at the university through the allocation of a budget estimated at about (350 million riyals) to buy apparatus, equipment, and materials from inside and outside  of the Kingdom.
  3. The evolution of the proportion of University admission projects, reaching in the last Arbitrator group proportion (42%) of the total proposed projects of the university. It also improved the quality of the projects recommended and strongly    supported , where the percentage (34%) in the last group (March 2012) after it had been 6.3% in the fifth group.
  4. The number of research projects that ended up 1/9/2012 is 41 research projects have delivered the final reports and 54 project are in  the implementation period which  extended due to the late arrival of materials and equipment , and delayed approval of financial receivables and other relevant authorities.
  5. The number of scientific papers published and accepted for publication from the projects are  of 612 scientific papers.
  6. About 23 number of patents registered has been recorded , the low number of patents registered due to the lack of clarity in the stability of intellectual property rights by the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology.
  7.  Creating  five health centers with a budget of 158 million riyals, including 36 million riyals which has been disbursed  , and center of innovations in the amount of 50 million riyals in the five-year waiting  for receiving  support .
  8. Creating   an oasis of Science with a budget of 52 million riyals at King Saud University, including the outgoing budget which is  16 million riyals , within the capabilities of the program of scientific research and technical development .
  9. Create electronic portal include:
    • An electronic system to receive and follow-up research and arbitration .
    • An electronic system (Turnit in) to make sure of the authenticity of the research and reports.
    • A Web site to view the technical reports and scientific published papers  .
  10.  Making Contract with each of the Springer-Edanz) and  ((Nature Foundation  of Arbitration for projects before they are sent to external arbitration , in order to improve the rate of acceptance of the projects and to guarantee  the best.

The University achievements comparing with the other   participation in the national plan:
The total number of projects submitted from all sides during the period (2008-2012 )  is  about 2685 research proposal , including  of 1271 of King Saud University, with  percent  47.3% , followed by King Abdul Aziz University and King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, by percent of 26.7 % .
Moreover, the total number of projects accepted and supported by all the parties participating in the National Plan period (2008 - March 2012 ) is 1044  research projects , including 475 projects of  the King Saud  University of the ratio is  45.5% . The ratio of research accepted for King Saud University in the last installment
 ( March 2012 ) is  57 % of the total research supported by all parties in this installment



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