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The dramatic shift from the traditional to knowledge economy making major revolution in this area, which reflected positively on the local and the world economies in most countries of the world that have benefited from this development to increase its gross domestic product, and the finding new job opportunities for its citizens, and creating creative working methods of business management, human resources, financial and productivity methods.
The desire of the Government of the servant of the Two Holy Mosques – God bless him  - to keep up  with global developments in this field  , and the importance of science and technology as a delimiter head of economic growth and overall development , the Kingdom saw the needed  to establish a national base for science and technology that  able to settle the technicality   and  developing and   growing  it , in order to serve the various economic sectors , and enhances their competitiveness . Therefore, it was necessary to develop a comprehensive long-term science and technology national plan, its aim to mobilizing capacities and capabilities of scientific, technical and strengthened and directed towards the priorities and national needs, in addition to the development of education systems and educational institutions and develop it, and stimulate the scientific research, and to provide the right environment for innovation and development.
        The King Saud University , have created a program of the national science , technology and innovation Plan  in 1429 , it  have put  its all scientific and technical Capabilities to keep up with the strategic directions of the kingdom in the field  of science and technology , identified by the Comprehensive national science , technology and innovation plan  , which the kingdom seeks to face the challenges of scientific and technical at the   Current and future time , and upgrading to a level that suits it scientifically and technically , and mobilize for that Scientific and technical capacity and capability, and reinforced , and  oriented it  to wards the priorities and national needs . Also it’s developing the systems and infrastructure for scientific research and technical development, and is working to provide a suitable environment for creativity, innovation and development.

         professor. D. Ahmed bin Abdullah aalkazim  

The supervisor of the program of the National for Science, Technology and Innovation Plan


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:28am