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Tasks of Science and Technology Unit

Executive staff called the science and technology unit is supervising the working at the program, and includes the following committees:

 Supervisory Committee:

Supervising all administrative, financial, informational and technical functions for the program.  This committee  are meeting on a regular basis, and their functions are summarized      as follows:

  1. Definition of the national plan for science and technology within the University.
  2. Supervising the preparation of forms and advertisements for the initial submission of proposals and presenting temporal schedules for it.
  3. Work as contact point with the Secretariat of the Supervisory Committee of the KACST
  4. Sending suitable detailed research projects to the Secretariat of the Supervisory Committee of KACST .
  5. Follow up the accepted projects, to ensure that the goals are achieved  and projects received on time.
  6. Set  the plans, strategies, programs and scientific projects, and arranged the Priorities of approved projects programs for the King Saud University in the light of the directions and Priorities of the National Plan for Science and Technology..
  7. Follow-up of scientific and technical updates.
  8. Rrecognition the opportunities in the international conventions, then    invested and developed  it into projects and programs with a specific characteristics and goals.
  9. Developed policies that enable researchers to take advantage of the scientific and technical assistance, and research awards, training, consulting, and others, which offers by unions and organization and international scientific organizations.
  10. Arranged  with other developing  programs in  the University ,to ensuring intellectual property rights to the researchers, and the registration of patents, announcement of the prizes, and marketing of research results to the industrial Institutions... etc..
  11. Supervision  for organizing  workshops, seminars, conferences ... etc
  12. Prepare annual reports on the achievements, and the progress of work.
  13.  Renovation the program data on the website of the Unit.
  14.  Permanently evaluation of the programs working and study proposals for its development.
  15.  Overseeing on the program bulletins and publications.


Scientific Committee:

Scientific Committee representatives from the sub-committees specializing in various technologies identified in the national plan. These committees study and arbitration the research projects which related, its tasks can be summarized as follows:

  1. Provide necessary scientific advices  and technical services for researchers.
  2. Receiving research projects submitted by researchers directly by mail set  by    the program.
  3.  Study the research projects and arbitrated study and put its recommendations on each proposal.
  4. Inform the researchers of Scientific Committee and the arbitrator’s vision, and guided  them to make the necessary corrections on the research proposals.
  5. Study periodic and final technical reports and arbitrated  it .
  6. Prepared reports on the progress of the working project.
  7. Refer research proposals to the Scientific Committee in the form of groups, classified by technicality     , attached with the results of the arbitration and the vision  of the specialized committees , for approval , based on the research priorities of the plan.


Department of Technology Transfer:

Includes sub-committees  for each of the following programs:

  1. Create zones and technology incubators
  2. Research grants.
  3. Innovation Center.
  4. The science park.

so each committee should study the projects submitted to the relevant program, and to transmit its vision to the Supervisory Committee.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:28am