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University Center for Research and Treatment of Autism

University Center for Research and Treatment of autism,   autism is a developmental defect of the brain and nerves, and is characterized by autistic disorder in the ability to communicate verbal understanding and expression, and the inability to communicate the social and emotional with others, and repeat abnormal behavioral patterns of child ,recent studies show that autism is spread by a child in every 166 children in the world. It also increased and spread in Saudi Arabia recently. We must know the fact that early detection and early intervention appropriate for this type of disability leads to a significant improvement in the field of language and social communication for this group of children.
On that basis, emphasized by the National Policy for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia guidance for scientific research and technological development, which is the most important priorities of research and development in the field of health, on the basis of the pioneering role played by the King Saud University in health  mapping, and directing medical research for most prevalent diseases in the  Kingdom,  for that it  has been  establishment of the University Center for Research and Treatment of Autism, which is the first center specializing in the treatment of autism research at the local and regional level

 To be the university center for research and treatment of autism of excellence center at the local and global level in medical research for autism disorders.

 Upgrading of medical diagnostic and therapeutic services research for people with autism disorders, so as to redaction the burden on the individual, family and community.


  1. The study of biochemical variables and tries to detect biological vital signs which  may help in the future as an indicator of disease or predict the incidence of the disease.
  2. Formation of a scientific base of personnel and equipment, clinical laboratory, and training of human resources which is caballing of transmitting modern biotechnology, using and developing it .
  3. The establishment of fruitful cooperation between the relevant interdisciplinary that related to autism study.
  4. Publication of outstanding research in the field of autism in national specialized arbitrator Patrols.
  5. The establishment of communication channels and exchange of experiences with the world's leading research centers in the field of autism.
  6. Doing workshops, lectures and training courses for parents and professionals and those interested in autism.
  7. The adoption of a plan to educate the community about autism through the audiovisual   media.


Last updated on : January 12, 2023 3:28am