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About the program

 About the Policy of national science and technology:

The royal decree no. (8 / m) of 19/04/1406   directed   King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology in its first tasks of its basic system to do “proposing national policy for the development of science and technology, and to develop the strategy and plan for their implementation." This also creates a national trend in the fifth development plans of the (1410-1415 AH), and sixth (1415-1420 AH), which called for the acceleration of the preparation of a comprehensive national plan, and far-reaching for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia. The following figure shows the targets set for the National Policy for Science and Technology.

That the activation of this national policy depends on establishing a national system of science, technology and innovation which able to settle the technicality and developing and growing it  ;  which serving the developmental different   sectors, and enhances their competitiveness, and capable - also - to make optimal use of the opportunities offered by the contemporary rapidly changing of the  global economy. The creation of developed national system requires development capacity and scientific requirements, technical capabilities, strengthening and development and direct it toward the priorities and national needs.


 The national Science, Technology and Innovation plan:

In the implementation of the High Royal Decree , the King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology in collaboration with the Ministry of Planning and governmental and non- governmental organizations related to the preparation of the comprehensive national long-term plan for science and technology , which necessitated the formation of the Commission a preliminary of the city and the ministry , worked to develop perceptions of principle mechanisms for the preparation of this plan and its  different requirements.
In light of this , it was felt that the best way to accomplish the project overall national long-term  plan for science and technology to the kingdom  , is to be twenty years (1420/1421 AH to 1440/1441 AH corresponding to 2001/2020 m)  period of time , and containing the overall long-term strategic framework , with its objectives , policies and strategies science and technology , and emerge from this framework, programs and projects of science and technology that is inserted into the operational plans of government agencies , which are prepared in according  to  with the Platform for the preparation of development plans , and within its  framework and resources. The following figure shows the various identified five-year plans and its objectives.


The National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan program of King Saud University:

KSU put  all  its scientific potential and technical to keep up with the strategic directions of the kingdom  in the field  of science and technology , identified by the Comprehensive national science , Technology and Innovation plan   , which the kingdom seeks to face the challenges of scientific and technical at the   Current and future time , and upgrading to a level that suits it scientifically and technically , and mobilize for that Scientific and technical capacity and capability, and reinforced , and  oriented it  to towards the priorities and national needs . Also its developing the systems and infrastructure for scientific research and technical development, and is working to provide a suitable environment for creativity, innovation and development  , and is working to provide a suitable environment for creativity, innovation and development . To this end the University has established a program of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, vision, mission, goals, and mechanisms has been identified to achieve these objectives as follows

A leading model in achieving the objectives of the national science, technology and innovation Plan.

Build up the system of scientific research within the University in order to achieve the objectives of the National Science Technology and Innovation Plan   by encouraging researchers to contribute in research projects distinct, and direct their concerns to the priorities of the plan, and activate their scientific product within the industrial biotechnology sectors.


  1. Technology transfer and Settlement.
  2. Raising the University contributions, quantitatively and ensured consistency with the priorities and objectives of the National Science Technology and Innovation Plan .
  3. Ensure the quality of the contributions of the University.
  4. Expand the circle of scientific production research.
  5. Building up the infrastructure for scientific research within the University.
  6. Supporting and enrichment the educational and the researcher process through the      involvement of undergraduate and graduate students in the research.



  1. Periodic workshops introduce the university National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan  .
  2. Continuous communication with researchers through the university mission and the program's website and e-mail and SMS.
  3. A scientific committee to evaluate research proposals, and quality assurance and compliance with the priorities of the various research programs.
  4. Finance committee to follow up the payment of financial dues in accordance with the approved budget for each project.
  5. An annual interdisciplinary symposium to view the most important results of research supported projects.
  6. The Portal includes :
    • Electronic system to receive and follow-up and arbitrated   research.
    • Electronic system to verify the authenticity of the research and reports.
    • Web site to view the technical reports and published scientific papers.
  7. The Scientific bulletin journal includes summaries of published scientific papers , within the supported research program by the national science , technology and innovation Plan
  8. Financing the registration of patents.
  9. Financial incentives for publication in scientific journals classified globally -ISI-.
  10. The committee of researchers to the involvement of graduate students in the completion of projects.
  11. Researchers are committed to leaving the devices they used in the implementation of ended   projects to   the university labs sake.


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